Emily Loves Code

My name is Emily,

Your friendly neighborhood front end developer

Big Stump Brew Co won two awards at the 2016 ADDY Awards, Judge's Choice and Silver. This project was done during Design Team, I was the Design Director. Big Stump is a brewing company which emphasized its down-to-earth artisanal craft beer and a deep connection to the Sacramento community.

Davon Davis is an independent filmmaker, cinematagrapher for the Sacramento Kings and a personal friend who needed a new portfolio site. For this project, I was tasked with creating a website that is extremely functional, frames Davon's work well without overpowering it, and would be simple for the client to update and modify on his own.

The Sac Film Festival is a local film and music festival, celebrating the work of up and coming, hardworking local filmmakers. For this project, I needed to rebrand the Sac Film Festival so that it wouldn't require a new graphic designer each year. The website was created in WordPress so that it would be easy to make content updates each year.

My name is Emily

I think I'm a pretty excellent person who enjoys cats and volunteering my time toward improving my community. Right now I am the College Outreach Chair for the Sacramento Ad Club, I have also volunteered for the last two WordCamps in Sacramento, and have participated in multiple non-profit projects. I have a cat and a dog, and I'm kind of obsessed with both of them. I'm famously obsessed with my cat. Because cats are great. But I guess the dog is alright too. Oh, and I really like snacks. Snacks are the best.

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